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For all of you that are wondering "Is quartz countertops expensive?" the answer is no, considering the value that you'll get from them. Sure, you can get laminate countertops at a much better price, but they certainly won't be able to stand the test of time like a quartz countertop will. When you consider value [...]

If you're asking yourself "Do quartz countertops emit radon?" you're certainly not alone. When you're weighing quartz countertops pros and cons it's a common question. There has been a lot of talk about radon and quartz countertops lately and you’ll want to be sure that you and your family will be safe before investing your [...]

If you want the ultimate modern appearance for your kitchen and you are looking for durability and reliability, you should go for quartz kitchen countertops. It's quickly become an important competitor against granite, as a material for kitchen countertops. It's incontestable resilience, its' amazing variety of colors and the properties that make it easy to [...]

When you are first learning how to design a kitchen you're not only looking at putting together a structural room but a space that is going to create memories for the rest of your life. How many special moments have taken place at a kitchen table during your lifetime that you can remember? Probably a [...]

I think I love you butcher block! I absolutely adore rich, warm, and natural hues in the kitchen. This butcher block countertop captures that magnificently. There is way more to countertops than comparing quartz vs granite. Notice how there is quartz on the countertop but wood on the island? Don't be afraid to mix and [...]

In general, the price of Caesarstone is comparable to any other of the quartz countertops you can find on the market. The price can run anywhere from $50 up to $100/square foot depending on several factors including: The type of Caesarstone countertop you choose Where you're purchasing it from If you have been lucky enough [...]

If you're like most people you've been witnessing a raging debate between granite owners and Caesarstone enthusiasts. It can be hard to decide between the two of them since they're both top quality counters that will last for years and they look equally as stunning in any type of kitchen. When it's time to make [...]

Both Silestone and Caesarstone are extremely popular brands of quartz countertops that have been designed to look a lot like granite. The good news is that each of these companies has built up an excellent reputation for quality and customer service and no matter which countertop you choose, you can be sure that you're investing [...]