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Are The Reviews Of Caesarstone Countertops Good Or Bad?

White countertop that I believe is Caesarstone.As you are looking through the reviews on Caesarstone countertops you’re going to find one excellent review after the other. In fact, people that have purchased Caesarstone as their countertop of choice are quite often very vocal about the quality and beauty of their counters and don’t hesitate at all to recommend these types of quartz counters to others.

If you do happen to see a bad review…

There aren’t too many of these bad reviews to see, actually. Once in a while you will come across one but when you start to read through it you’ll usually notice that it wasn’t the Caesarstone slab that actually was a problem but rather the installation of it.

The countertops are quality manufactured

Caesarstone countertops offer a limited lifetime warranty so if there is ever anything wrong with your counter you don’t need to worry about it. The stone slabs are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment and each one has had to pass rigorous standards before it’s allowed out of the plant.

The countertops are stable across the board. No matter where you purchase your quartz counter, it is coming from the Caesarstone manufacturing plant directly. There is no variance from one dealer to the next. Whether you end up buying your Caesarstone from a dealer like Ikea, or purchase it from a high-end kitchen boutique, each countertop will be coming from the same original place.

Now that’s not to say that mistakes don’t happen. Make sure to see and approve the stone in person before having it cut to fit your kitchen.

It’s the installation that matters most

Any bad reviews you see about Caesarstone are usually directly related to the installation of the product. Some companies don’t have highly trained personnel on board that can ensure a quality installation every time.

When you’re doing your homework about quartz countertops it’s extremely important to look at the installer to make sure that the countertop is installed properly. Seams need to match up, cutting needs to be done precisely and the finishing on the edges needs to look professional.

Before purchasing a Caesarstone countertop you should find out what the company policy is for their countertop installments. Find out who will be in charge of laying it down, their experience and what type of guarantee you will be offered on the installation.

Most problems that come up with countertops that have been made by Caesarstone lie with the installation and not with the material. If, by a long shot, there is a problem with the quartz countertop itself, Caesarstone will back you up and right the problem quickly and efficiently.

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