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The Approximate Cost Of Caesarstone Countertops Per Square Foot

A freshly installed Caesarstone countertop.In general, the price of Caesarstone is comparable to any other of the quartz countertops you can find on the market. The price can run anywhere from $50 up to $100/square foot depending on several factors including:

  • The type of Caesarstone countertop you choose
  • Where you’re purchasing it from
  • If you have been lucky enough to find any sales or discounts
  • The cost of labor to install the counter

How To Get A Fairly Accurate Estimate Of The Cost

So you have read the reviews of Casastone counters and are ready to find out the price based on square footage. Then, you’ll want to get the dimensions of your countertop and do some quick calculations in order to determine the price. You’ll need to find out how much area needs to be covered first in order to determine a reasonable estimate.

Measure your existing countertop area and multiply the length times the width of it. For any triangular surfaces you’ll need to multiply the length of the base of the triangle by the depth of it. In order to determine its depth you will have to measure the distance from the peak of the triangle to the base. The base is considered to be the longest side of the triangle. Once you have that number you’ll divided by 2 and this will give you the surface area that needs to be covered for the triangle.

You’ll then add these two numbers together, the triangular area plus the rectangular measurement you came up with, in order to arrive at the total surface area. This number needs to be multiplied by the square foot price of the Caesarstone counter to get the final estimate.

There May Be Extra Charges Involved

Before signing anything on the dotted line find out what extra costs may be involved in either the materials or the labor costs for installing the countertop. In most cases you can expect to pay approximately 5% to 15% more for intricate material patterns and installation configurations. Usually the installation costs only cover the following items:

  • Leveling
  • Edge fabrication
  • Cut-outs for deck mounted fixtures
  • Sink cut-out
  • Seam joining

Higher-priced countertops by Caesarstone may include additional features such as a wider range of color and style choices, thicker slabs, intricate edge fabrications and a countertop appearance that looks more natural in design.

The Price Of Caesarstone Compared To Granite

Granite and Caesarstone cost about the same. Recently quartz has become just a bit more expensive than granite but historically the opposite was true. The difference in price will probably not be enough to help you make up your mind one way or another as long as you are buying a quality slab of granite. Her eyou can learn about the differences between granite and Caesarstone and if you are interested you can compare Caerstone versus Silestone here.

Working With Different Dealers

You’ll find a wide variance in pricing once you start looking at the different dealers in your area. While some will include the cost of installation in their final pricing, others will separate the cost of the Caesarstone countertop with one charge for the slab and another for the pricing of the installation.

As a good rule of thumb you should get three estimates from separate dealers and then compare them before going ahead and committing to a countertop. Anything that looks to low-priced is probably too good to be true while a higher estimate can often indicate that you are being overcharged for either the materials or the service. Look for a middle-of-the-road price from a reputable dealer and you’ll end up with a quality countertop that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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