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Is Silestone The Best?

The answer is no. I wouldn’t be comfortable touting them as the king of quartz.

silestone countersThere’s no doubt that they are the most popular manufacturer, with the most recognizable brand. And that’s why quartzkitchencountertops.org has more articles devoted to them than any other brand of quartz. Because more people, like yourself, are looking for information about them than any other brand. You can find all of those article below, by the way.

Honestly, it’s impossible to say which counter reigns supreme, because they all are so similar. Silestone may get an edge for their anti-microbial protection but I don’t believe that is even necessary if you are keeping your kitchen clean. Quartz counters naturally resist the growth of bacteria by not giving it a place to hide and flourish.

That’s why I recommend getting the color and pattern of quartz that you enjoy the most. Any of the major manufacturers brands will work wonderfully in your kitchen. You have to make sure that it’s a beautiful one that you will be proud to look at for decades.

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Silestone quartz is one of the hardest countertops available and is extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and staining. It's important to note that it is "resistant “, which means that in theory it can be damaged. You still need to take proper care of your countertop to make sure that it leads a long and [...]

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