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How Do The Prices Of Silestone Compare To Other Countertops?

Mom handing her kids bagels over a granite countertop.You know that quartz countertops are top-of-the-line when it comes to value for the money and for the use you’ll get out of them for many years.

Silestone is one of the top manufacturers for quartz tops and has built up a reputation throughout the years for delivering quality countertops that are absolutely stunning to behold. The question at this point is, can you afford it?

The Price Of Silestone

The prices of Silestone quartz can range anywhere from $55 per sq. foot up to $70 per sq. foot or slightly higher. Part of this difference in price is due to the different pricing structures offered by various dealers. It’s a simple fact of life that one dealer will charge more for a product than another, and it’s up to you as a consumer to do some comparison shopping so that you don’t end up paying more than you have to for an equivalent product.

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Prices are also determined by the width of the quartz. You can choose between a 2 cm or a 3 cm countertop, but in most cases it’s wiser to invest in the 3 cm option. It just ends up looking better and needs less prep work to install.

Cost Of Other Popular Countertops

Here is a general idea of the price you’d have to pay for other types of countertops that aren’t quartz.

  • Granite – $45-$200/square foot
  • Limestone – $60-$100/square foot
  • Marble $50 – $140/square foot
  • Laminate – $10-$30/square foot
  • Butcher block – $30 to $65/square foot
  • Tile – $10-$30/square foot
  • Concrete – $80 – $120/square foot
  • Stainless steel – $100-$150/square foot

Other Costs To Consider

The costs mentioned above are for the countertop only and do not include installation or delivery of the product. As with the cost of the countertop, it’s always best to look around and compare prices on these two things. Some companies will deliver a countertop for free while others will charge a nominal amount to cover their costs and expenses.

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In some cases you may find companies that will include the installation with the purchase of a counter. You just need to find out whether the quoted price includes the cost of installation or not. In some cases, however, when the price of installation and the countertop are combined together, you may end up paying more than you would with a company that is charging for these two items separately.

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Taking A Look At Value Versus Strictly Price

If you have joined the ranks of people that want to make an investment in their countertop to see many years of service from it, you’re not alone. The value in a quartz top is almost priceless when you consider the wear and tear it’s going to be getting for the time to come. Whether you have a busy family or are living alone, your countertop is going to take and have to live up to a lot of abuse. After all, that’s what a countertop is meant for!

Instead of having to replace your countertop every few years it makes a lot of sense to take some money now to get the best quality top for your counter and one that you absolutely love. There is no denying that quartz has a look of its own that other countertops just can’t live up to.

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Silestone is a leader in the quartz countertop manufacturing field and if you’re going to be investing some money into a new counter you’ll want to know that you’re going to end up with the best top possible. Really, you can’t go wrong by deciding on Silestone as your counter of choice.

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