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Do Quartz Countertops Stain?

Have you been wondering, “Do quartz countertops stain?” You’ve probably been doing a lot of reading about engineered quartz countertops and have been seeing a lot of different information about this staining question.

There is a lot of misinformation about quartz being passed around and it’s time that you found out what the actual truth is about quartz countertops before you decide to make an investment in one.

For the same reason that quartz countertops are safe, manufacturers of quartz countertops claim that the countertop is stain resistant. A lot of people get this confused with stain proof, which they are not. A quartz countertop can stain but it is a lot more difficult to stain than a laminate countertop, that’s for sure.

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It will be difficult to find a kitchen countertop that’s easier to keep clean or maintain than a quartz one. Granite countertops are the only other type that can hold a candle to one that’s made of quartz. This does not mean, however, that you should start pouring red wine on top of it and leave it to sit for a few days before cleaning it up.

Quartz countertops are difficult to stain. In most cases you’ll find that what you think may be a stain is actually just a surface substance that’s difficult to clean.

The pores in a quartz countertop are very tight and small and that is why it is so difficult to stain this type of material. It’s rare to see a stain set in when spills and mishaps are cleaned up quickly. Keep in mind, however, that it is rare but not impossible to stain a quartz countertop.

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If you do find something on the surface of your countertop that you aren’t able to clean up you can contact the manufacturer of the product for further advice. You may also want to look through the Internet to find out what other quartz countertop owners are doing to get rid of stubborn substances that are hard to work out of the quartz. Some users are coming up with interesting methods that seem to work for both them and others that are trying it on their quartz as well.

Brands of quartz countertops: Caesarstone, Hanstone, Zodiaq, Silestone, and Ikea

Consumer Reports has listed quartz countertops to be the number one recommended surface type for countertops with granite coming in as a close second. Do quartz countertops stain? Yes they do, but it’s rare. In most cases what you think may be a stain usually turns out to be surface dirt that needs some extra scrubbing or a special cleaner to get it worked out of the quartz. In my opinion, this convenience is well worth the expense of quartz.

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