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Check Out These Eco Friendly Kitchen Counters

Natural and engineered stone like this one can make the perfect kitchen counter.Living in today’s world, where pollution is almost everywhere, you are faced with the struggle to safeguard your family and the environment, but you can choose eco friendly countertops when remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.

It may seem like a little thing to do, but eco-friendly materials can actually improve the quality of your everyday life.

There are many recycled materials available today, but most of you may want to avoid a kitchen counter made of scrap paper or broken bottles. If you want to maintain a natural look for your countertops and stay “green” at the same time, the best choice is to install quartz countertops. You might also want to compare Silestone vs granite countertops.

This type of kitchen work surface is made of natural stone and binding resins. You may think it is still a naturally obtained rock, so where is the eco part? In reality, you will find that quartz does not involve quarrying, which is used for the extraction of many other rocks for countertops. Therefore, there is no invasive process entailed. Moreover, it is a very frequent secondary product of the glass and the mining industries. Hence, the manufacturing of quartz uses materials that would otherwise be wasted.

In addition, the engineering process results in a very durable material, which is very resistant to scratches and scorching. Therefore, you can be certain that this green countertop will serve you well for a long time.

Furthermore, its nonporous texture is a great advantage when it comes to its maintenance and safety. They do not absorb liquids, so you will be able to clean them very easily should you spill wine, coffee, vinegar or even make up. You just have to wash the surface with warm water.

The smooth surface also ensures a difficult environment for the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and other pathogens. Therefore, it is a perfect choice of material for moist environments like the kitchen or the bathroom. Some quartz countertops include a compound called Microban, which provides extra protection against microorganisms.

What’s more, quartz is the perfect material for green countertops, as the National Sanitation Foundation and the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute have approved them for use in places where food is prepared. They have also been tested and proved as being radon free, which is a rather dangerous gas found at different levels of the Earth.

Overall, if you are looking for a stylish design and you want to protect the environment at the same time, the eco countertops made of quartz are the best solution available.

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