If You’re Buying Quartz Countertops, Here’s How To Be Proof Positive You’re Getting The Lowest Price

Most people visit the local countertop fabricator, pick a color of quartz from a small sample, and hire the company on the spot.

Those people will overpay every time!

Here’s how you can pay less than them:

  1. Visit a local stone wholesaler to view full slabs of quartz (Yes, wholesalers are open to the public)
  2. Choose a slab and have them hold it for your fabricator.
  3. Get quotes from 3 fabricators to turn that slab into your custom countertop.

So why don’t more people shop like this?

Because nobody told them that they could choose from hundreds of slabs at the wholesale companies, and finding good fabricators is harder than finding a parking spot at the mall on Christmas Eve.

We have you covered though.

Fill out the form below and then head to your local wholesaler. By the time you get back we will have set you up with a handful of local fabricators that are ready to compete for your business.