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How Is Consumer Reports Review Of Silestone?

Stone kitchen worktop.If you’re one of the people that wouldn’t purchase anything without first knowing that Consumer Reports backs it up, you’ll be delighted to hear that quartz countertops have been highly recommended by them for the last few years.

Silestone make some of the best quartz countertops there are on the market and you can’t go wrong by choosing this company for your new counter.

How They Test Countertops

In July, 2011 systematic testing was done by Consumer Reports on 16 different countertop surfaces. These tests were done to figure out which type of surface suffered the most and the least from impacts, abrasions, heat, cutting and stains. When the testing was completed the results showed that engineered stone and quartz were the leaders in being able to resist these types of abuse to the countertop while marble and bamboo were at the bottom of their list.

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Consumer Reports was telling us what we already knew anyway!

It’s long been known that quartz countertops can live up to the normal wear and tear seen in an average kitchen but it’s always nice to hear that Consumer Reports backs it up. While a company may be telling you that they have an unbeatable product that you simply must buy and your neighbors are telling you all of the benefits of a quartz countertop, it’s great to actually read about some testing that has been done to prove these points.

Consumer Reports has long been a well-respected magazine and website where you can go to find out what the numbers actually say after routine testing. This is a neutral third party that can give you accurate data without any bias added.

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Silestone’s Reputation Speaks For Itself

Ask your friends, ask your neighbors and look through the Internet. Silestone has a loyal following of customers that have purchased a countertop without any regrets. It’s hard to find anything negative about this company since they have built their reputation on price per square foot and quality in their products. This is what separates them from the competition – along with their wide selection of colors and styles.

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If you haven’t glanced through the different colors available for Silestone countertops lately, you’ll be quite surprised to see just how many variations are currently available. Everything from blue to green to neutrals can be found in a countertop manufactured by Silestone and every one of them has a character all of its own.

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