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How Much Do The Different Colors Of Cambria Quartz Countertops Cost?

cambria quartzHave you been wondering, “How much do the different colors of Cambria quartz countertops cost? If so, you’re in luck. You’re going to find out the simple answer in a moment to help you with your buying decision.

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While there is a lot of discussion about the colors and pricing for Cambria quartz countertops, you need to know the facts so that you can make an important buying decision without hesitation for your new counter.

The difference in price between colors.

The answer is the same amount. No matter what color of Cambria countertop you need, you’ll pay the same price for it. While you may have heard of different pricing structures for various colors, the fact is that other suppliers use a pricing structure that’s tiered but Cambria doesn’t. The prices for Cambria products are the same no matter what color you decide on.

Why are there so many different prices on quartz?

The prices depend on the dealer alone and not on the Cambria company. You see, the quartz slabs usually only make up about 35% of the cost of the countertop. The other percentage is made up of fabrication, measuring, and installing the counter.

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Every dealer will have its own price structure and that’s why it’s so important to do cost comparison shopping when you’re looking for the best deal. The quartz slab itself will contribute to a part of the overall cost but it is not the most important determinant when pricing your new countertop.

Finding the right countertop supplier

There are a lot of different kitchen and bathroom specialty shops that supply Cambria quartz counters. You’ll need to spend some time getting an estimate from a few of them in order to get a fair price. If you find that one price for quartz countertops is much higher than the others you’ll want to find out what they are offering that the others aren’t and then decide whether you want to pay the extra for it. In most cases a high cost difference will only indicate a higher markup for services.

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The freedom to choose Cambria

This is the nice thing about choosing Cambria quartz countertops. Since the pricing structure is the same across the board you won’t have to worry about making a choice based on pricing. You’ll have the freedom to choose the exact color you want and won’t have to worry about compromising due to cost concerns.

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How much do the different colors of Cambria quartz countertops cost? They all cost the same. This makes it easy to choose Cambria quartz over other companies. You have enough decisions to make about your countertop without having to worry about separate pricing for colors as well.

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