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Why Consider IKEA For Quartz Countertops?

Mother and daughter preparing vegetables on a white countertop.If you’re like most people you’ve walked through an IKEA showroom quite a few times and may have noticed their quartz counters.

IKEA sells a number of different types of countertops including those made of wood, acrylic, laminate, and stone. Like everything else at Ikea, one of the things that stands out most with their quartz countertops is the low price.

Why Their Quartz Rocks!

The brand of quartz that they sell is Caesarstone. You can learn more about the brand here.

If you choose their quartz countertops you’ll end up with a work surface that’s scratch resistant, heat resistant and very durable. Caesastone is made from a composite of resin and ground stone that is completely non-porous. This means that it’s easy to clean and does not trap any dirt or bacteria like the porous stone surface of granite can.

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If you purchase Ikea quartz countertops, they are available as made-to-measure counters and the price includes the installation. The top 12 mm layer of the worktop is made of the stone powder and they look absolutely beautiful. If you are quite familiar with Ikea, you know that they sell only quality items that are able to stand the test of time.

Why They Are Cheaper

When it comes to total kitchen design you can get it all done with one-stop shopping at this megastore. It’s possible to completely renovate your kitchen from top to bottom using materials from IKEA and most people that do it this way report massive savings.

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When you compare the cost of ordering a countertop per linear foot it adds up to a lot less than ordering a square foot. This is why so many people decide to buy Caesarstone from IKEA instead of buying Cambria or Silestone. The store charges per linear foot.

Keep An Eye Out For sales

Keep an eye out in your local area for any deals or sales that may be running at IKEA so that you can further reduce the price of your countertop. Sometimes this store offers massive sales on their kitchen design products that can add up to huge savings. As well, they also issue coupons from time to time that can be used towards your purchase.

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There has been one review written after another about the quality of the quartz countertops purchased at IKEA, and the majority of customers have been more than satisfied with their purchase. You’ll end up with a quality countertop that will last for years at a lower price than what you’d pay at a specialty kitchen design store.

If you haven’t been through an IKEA showroom in a while and are interested in a quartz counter, it’s worth taking a look at their display. You can also check out their countertops on the internet by browsing through their website. When you combine the lower price you have to pay by purchasing by the linear foot with the sales that are often offered, you can end up saving a lot of money on your next countertop purchase.

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