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6 Inspiring Kitchen Countertops For Your Remodel

Beautiful butcher block countertop on an island.I think I love you butcher block!

I absolutely adore rich, warm, and natural hues in the kitchen. This butcher block countertop captures that magnificently. There is way more to countertops than comparing quartz vs granite.

Notice how there is quartz on the countertop but wood on the island? Don’t be afraid to mix and match for a dramatic effect.

Simple Corian countertop with tiled backsplash.

Here’s a low cost but high impact Corian countertop. By using a quality but less expensive material for the countertop, room was made in the remodeling budget for a tiled backsplash. Remember the details. They add up to be much greater than the sum of their parts.

Nice picture of granite countertop with an ogee edge.

Here’s another detail to consider if you get natural stone. The edge detail. This one is called an ogee and it’s one of the most popular choices. It’s ads a bit of flair without a large increase in cost.

Beautiful kitchen island. Countertop material unknown.

I don’t what what this stone is but I’m inspired by the effect that having two levels on the island creates. It’s an impressive, well thought out detail that should definitely be considered.

A 2 inch thick granite countertop.

Notice how thick this granite countertop is. You can pay the normal price for standard thickness, less for a thin countertop, or decide to pay a bit more for a sensational look that is well worth the extra money invested.

Dramatic tiled kitchen worktop.

Tile is simple, inexpensive, and very durable. The biggest problem is the grout lines, but with a little extra care they’ll be beautiful for decades. Worst case, you stain the grout and have to scrape it out of there and replace it. Not a big deal.

Now of course you can’t do all of these in your remodel but you can surely do one or two of them as budget allows. I wish you all the best with your project and feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have. Just use the contact us link at the bottom of the page. And be sure to visit our inspiration gallery for more ideas.

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