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Discover Exactly How Much To Pay For Quartz Countertops

Woman making pizza on her inexpensive quartz counter.On average, expect to pay $89/square foot of installed quartz counters. Prices will vary from $59 to $139 depending on the brand, pattern, and installer.

If you decided to choose quartz for your kitchen countertop, you are probably worried about quartz countertops cost, but also about the installation and maintenance they require.

As many home owners at a certain point in their lives, you may want to improve your home and make it more modern. A good way to start is to forget about comparing the cost of quartz vs granite countertops and see the big picture.

Are Cheaper Countertop Alternatives Worth The Price?

You might think it is better to go for cheaper solutions, like laminated materials or aluminum, but you should think long term when you make this choice. You might save money when you buy them, but ultimately, the maintenance, repairs or even regular replacement will add a lot to the initial price. The cost of Silestone countertops, or any other brand of quartz, will pay for itself time and time again.

If you go with quartz for your countertops, you can be certain you have made the right choice. It may seem that the cost of quartz countertops is too much, but in reality, it all depends on the surface on which you are installing them. Moreover, the quartz’s high level of durability ensures that the countertop will be with you for a long time.

Why Quartz Is A Better Value For Your Money

Another advantage comes with the low maintenance needed. You will not spend money on repairing it as it is scratch proof and it repels liquids, so you do not have to worry about stains. This way, if someone drops a bowl or spills some coffee, you need not “hurry to the rescue”. Your countertop will be safe.

In addition to this, it will keep you safe. It has a nonporous surface, which you will find very easy to clean in order to avoid the growth of pathogens. Some quartz countertops have an antimicrobial compound integrated when they are manufactured, so they are the perfect solution for protection against microorganisms.

The cheapest quartz countertops usually won’t have antimicrobial protection, but many like yourself will find this aspect essential, as keeping yourself and your family in good health is priceless.

Moreover, quartz countertops do not need sealing like other materials, which will also reduce the price when it comes to the maintenance.

Lower The Cost Of Quartz Countertop Installations By At Least 20%

Short answer, shop around and get quotes from at least three different contractors. And remember that a super low quote is low for a reason. You get what you pay for with home improvement.

I know that finding a contractor can a painful experience. As a group they don’t have much respect for their potential customers. They have bad habit of not returning phone calls and not showing up to the initial appointment.

Do you know what’s going through their mind the first time they talk to you on the phone?

They’re wondering if they can make enough money off your project to make it worth their time. If they decide it’s not they won’t just be upfront and tell you. They’ll go ahead and make an appointment with you without having the slightest intention of actually showing up. It’s just easier for them than actually telling you the truth.

It’s not uncommon to have to call ten to fifteen companies just to get three to five to come over and quote you. It’s disheartening and frustrating.

That’s why we have partnered up with a nation wide company that has a gigantic directory of contractors that actually return calls and show up to appointments. They are hungry for new business and act like it.

If you want to access their free database fill out the two step form below with your basic project info. You’ll be quickly matched up with a handful of pre-screened contractors that will be happy to talk to you on the phone and work you up a price.

The phone book is always an option but be prepared to spend a lot of time waiting for calls back. And try not to be too disappointed when half of them don’t show up to the initial appointment. You can definitely go that route or you can use the form below to be contacted by home improvement professionals that want your business and value your time.