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Quartz Countertops Options From Lowe’s

Couple discussing countertopsWhen you’re shopping around for a new counter for your kitchen don’t forget to take a look at Lowes quartz countertops. They offer a selection of allen + roth, LG Viatera and DuPont Zodiaq countertops in quartz at an extremely reasonable price.

allen + roth countertops

This is a line of countertops that is exclusive only to Lowes. This provider offers an outstanding collection of counters in beautiful patterns and colors. It’s a quality product with an air of distinction that’s offered at a better price than what you’d pay at a higher-end kitchen and bathroom boutique for a brand name like Silestone or Caesarstone countertops.

DuPont Zodiaq countertops

Lowe’s offers these countertops that are available in more than 100 different patterns and colors. This gives you a lot of options to work with when you’re trying to find the perfect countertop to fit around your kitchen sink. The DuPont company has built up quite a reputation as being a quality provider of Zodiaq.

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LG Viatera

These countertops are also available in a number of designs and colors but one of the nice things about this line is that offers a 15 year warranty on its product that is transferable. This means that if you ever sell your home the warranty can be transferred to the new owner. This company is also eco-friendly and committed to producing products that help to protect the environment. Both of these benefits would be a great selling feature for any real estate property!

Virtual room designer

Using Lowe’s own room designing program on the Internet you can renovate your kitchen online so that you can get a complete visual of what it would look like. This is a fun program to work with and you’ll be able to get a much better idea of the color and style you’ll need for your Lowes countertops. You’ll be able to see for yourself exactly how your kitchen will look once the new countertop is installed.

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Watch for the sales

By watching for the sales you may end up finding Lowes quartz countertops at an extremely reasonable price. One reviewer mentioned that he received an estimate that was $2000 lower than one he received from another shop. That’s quite a substantial difference in price that’s worth taking a look at!

The bottom line

Quartz countertops have proven to be a great purchase due to their excellent track record. It’s worth taking a look at what this store has to offer in its quartz line if you’re at all considering a new countertop. You may just walk away saving thousands of dollars without having to compromise on quality.

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