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Silestone Prices

silestone costTo arrive at an accurate price for Silestone I chose their pattern called bamboo. It’s one of my favorites because of it’s natural appearance and it’s ability to match with lot’s of different color palettes.

The True Cost Of Installation

The price for the pattern “bamboo” is $87 per square foot. Expect to pay $59-$99 per square foot depending on the color pattern you choose.

To get accurate quartz countertops prices you have to know what other things you may be charged for, and how to measure how many square feet of countertop you’ll need.

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My countertop is 10 feet long and the standard 3 feet deep. So I need 30 square feet of countertop. For material alone I will be paying $2,610. But we are not done yet.

Do You Want A Backsplash?

I want a backs plash and I need one that is 10 feet long and 4 inches high. That’s another 4 square feet of material that will cost me $348.

Don’t Forget Edge Details

You also have to factor edge details into the price of silestone. If you want a standard edge you won’t have to pay extra but if you want a fancier edge like a bullnose or an ogee you can expect to pay an addition $15-$30 per linear foot.

Sink Styles

If you choose a top mounted sink in your silestone countertops the hole will usually be cut for free. If you choose an under mount sink than expect to pay an additional $250 or so for the extra work that is involved.

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You shouldn’t expect to get charged for holes cut into the countertop or for a few holes for the faucet or soap/lotion dispensers either.

Corner Details

Standard corners with 3/4″ radii won’t cost you extra. If you start to get fancy shapes with big sweeping corners than you can expect to pay more for them.

The Bottom Line

So for my beautiful new installation I will be paying $2,958 and it’s an admittedly small countertop. Silestone countertops are expensive but they are worth the investment as you get what you pay for.

Hands down, the best way to get an accurate price is to have a countertop installer come over and take a few quick measurements. Here are some tips to help you find contractor reviews so you can get a quality installation at a great price.

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