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The Skinny On Silestone

silestone countersSilestone counters are the most well recognized of the quartz countertops brands. Silestone offers a wide assortment of colors for your kitchen and offers benefits that no other countertops can. They are among the best selling brands for a number of reasons. Let’s check them out.

Cleaner & Safer

Silestone quartz is a natural stone. Their biggest sales pitch is that their quartz countertops are a cleaner and safer alternative for your home.

It’s true that when compared to other countertop options, quartz countertops are safer and cleaner. All quartz countertops are cleaner and safer, however. Not just quartz from Silestone.

Trademarked Antimicrobial Protection

Silestone countertops do offer an additional level of microbial protection that is trademarked to them. If you compare silestone vs caesarstone, or any other quartz manufacturer, you find that Silestone is the only one to offer this patented antimicrobial protection.

Is Silestone The Best Brand?

Is their quartz really any better then the the other quartz counters on the market? Probably not. If you fall in love with a color from any of the major brands go ahead and buy it.

Eco Friendly Countertops

I do enjoy the commitment that Silestone makes to the environment. They take a lot of steps to reduce waste and energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

Quartz is a natural product. Combine that with their effort to reduce their carbon footprint and you can make a serious case for them being eco friendly.

Quartz Prices

The cost of quartz countertops does not make them prohibitively expensive.

They are constantly running promotions on their website that offer discounts on things like bathroom vanities when you buy a quartz counter for your kitchen.

Silestone Countertops Offer Many Choices

  • 60 quartz colors and counting
  • 2 textures “Silestone” and “Silestone Leather”
  • Kitchen Countertops in solids and patterns
  • Bathroom surfaces in eight hues
  • Silestone backs plashes and accents

Silestone – Not Just Counters

Silestone is showcased in lots of remodeling projects other than kitchens and bathrooms. You can place Silestone quartz on staircases and floors. Just like granite and marble, it can be cut and fashioned into an endless number of shapes, contours, and thicknesses. Your imagination is the only limit to where you can use quartz.

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