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What Is Silestone Made From?

Bathroom vanity with a Silestone countertop.Silestone countertops are made from natural quartz that has been specially treated to be used in either a kitchen or bathroom. There is a wide range of textures and colors available and they all offer the same excellent quality performance.

Silestone treats its countertops with a protection against bacteria so that you can be assured of the ultimate hygiene in these two rooms that require the most sanitary conditions possible.

Why Quartz Makes For A Good Countertop

is a naturally scratch resistant, stain resistant and resistant to acids. With other countertops, if you happen to drop some type of liquid that could stain on them like coffee, wine, juice etc. it can be difficult if not next to impossible to get the countertop looking like new again.

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Because quartz is so dense, there’s no chance of the stains getting absorbed into the countertop. It’s easy to handle spills and messes and usually all you’ll need to get it done is a wet cloth dampened with water.

Since quartz is such a hard material, it’s less likely to crack or chip during use, when it is being shipped or during installation. In fact, Silestone quartz countertops have 4 times the flexing strength of granite. You can really count on these countertops to last for years while still retaining their initial integrity. As an added bonus, there are more than 60 different colors and patterns to choose from so that anyone can find the right style stone counter for their bathroom or kitchen.

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How much quartz is in a Silestone countertop?

When you order a countertop from this company you’ll be receiving one that is made up of 94% quartz, while the rest is resin, and pigment. The resin is used for binding while the pigment is added for color or texture. What you’ll get is a hard, nonporous and dense countertop that will last for years.

What Makes It So Resilient

Quartz is silicon dioxide that has been crystallized. It is usually transparent or white in color but can be found in various other colors. It depends on the quartz rock and whether it had any type of contact with impurities when it was forming.

Quartz is perfect for use as a countertop since it is acid resistant and extremely hard. Not only is quartz used for making tops for the bathroom and kitchen but it is also an important material used for many types of precision operated equipment.

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