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What Makes Hanstone So Good?

Woman displaying groceries on her countertop.If you’re looking for a kitchen counter that will last you for the rest of your life take a look at Hanstone. These are state-of-the-art quartz counters that combine quartz with polymer resin to create a beautiful and durable stone surface.

These countertops are available in 78 different colors and are perfect for residential or commercial applications. When you purchase a countertop by Hanstone you’ll have a surface that can last you for many decades to come.

How To Keep It Looking New, Forever

It’s easy to keep a quartz countertop clean. All you need to do is wipe it with a sponge or cloth using water or a mild detergent. It’s best to avoid any abrasive cleaners with this type of counter since all it needs is a gentle cleaning in order to maintain its luster for years.

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While many people don’t, in order to avoid any damage from heat you should always use a trivet. Although Hanstone quartz countertops are heat resistant, placing hot pots or pans or other appliances that generate a lot of heat on the surface may cause damage.

You should also avoid using any strong chemicals on your countertop since they can cause a lot of damage too. If you do happen to spill a damaging chemical on it the counter should be wiped right away and then flushed with water. You can cut right on the surface of the countertop without using a block or cutting board. It’s nearly scratch proof!

Where To Buy

These countertops are sold through dealers and distributors in the USA. They can be ordered through various bath and boutique shops and will be customized to fit your counter perfectly.

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You choose the color and style that you feel best suits your kitchen or bathroom, have some measurements taken and then the quartz surface is delivered and installed. Installation is fast and easy and it won’t be long before you’ll have a beautiful countertop that is durable and absolutely beautiful to use.

Why Property Owners Love It

There are a lot of reviews about these quartz countertops and it seems as though everyone that has one is completely thrilled with it. A lot of people purchased the Hanstone brand of quartz countertops due to the distinctive patterns and colors available. The quartz colors offered by this company have been inspired by the textures and hues of the natural stone itself.

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If you’ve been considering a new quartz counter for your kitchen counter or bathroom vanity it’s worth your time to take a look through the Hanstone quartz countertops. The styles and colors offered are rich and intense and you may enjoy them more than some of the more popular options such as Silestone and Zodiaq. You may just find the perfect pattern and color that will make your kitchen or bathroom sizzle!

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