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What Is The Best Place To Buy Silestone Countertops?

Basket of fruit on top of a Silestone countertopWith so many different dealers selling Silestone, how do you know what is the best place to buy it? If you have looked in your local area for a Silestone dealer, you have probably found quite a few of them including Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Here is some of the most vital information you’ll need to know about purchasing Silestone so that you end up getting it from the right place.

Where the dealers get their Silestone from

Every dealer is getting their Silestone directly from the company. This means that the countertop itself will be of the same high quality that you expect from Silestone no matter where you shop for it.

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If you hear anything about lower grade Silestone coming from one dealer versus another, it simply isn’t possible. Silestone is Silestone and does not differ between dealers. What is different, however, is the price you’ll end up paying and the installation.

It all comes down to the installation

Since the quality of the countertop will remain equal across the board, what you need to concentrate on is the installation of it. Some people have complained about the contractors that work with Lowe’s or Home Depot and say that a professional job wasn’t done. It seems that just as many other people have been completely satisfied with the installation work done by these two companies.

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When you’re looking at the different dealers in your local area for Silestone you should take a good look at what is being said about the installation. This is what is going to make or break the appearance of your countertop – not the quartz itself.

Price always makes a difference

It’s worth the time it takes to do some comparison shopping to find the best price for your counter. Some dealers may be hiking up the price of either their countertops or for the installation to make as much money as possible. The important thing you need to know as a consumer is that all of these different dealers are buying their Silestone from the company at the same price.

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Pricing for installation can be the biggest contributor to a high price. Some dealers have the price of the installation included with the counter while others don’t. When you’re making your calls to get price quotes you’ll want to have a calculator by your side so that you can crunch the numbers accurately to determine the best price available.

What is the best place to buy Silestone? It all depends. In your area it may be cheaper to get it through Home Depot or Lowes while in another part of the country you’d be better off dealing with a local kitchen and bathroom company. The best place to buy your new quartz countertop is really the one that gives you a reasonable price, perfect installation and overall great customer service.

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